Practitioners, STOP wasting precious time trying to figure out Social Media for your practice!
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YOUR Guide to Using Social Media to Grow Your EXPERT Brand
YOUR Guide to Using Social Media to Grow Your EXPERT Brand
This free guide will break down the exact strategy you need to use so you can be seen as an expert online. STOP wasting valuable time trying to figure it out and stop waiting for the right time to do it, the time is now...people need you!
  • Learn the most important things that NDs, Functional Medicine and Integrative Practitioners need to do to make the best use of Social Media to grow your practice, make a larger impact and make more money!
  • How these simple steps can grow your audience quickly.
  • Make sure YOU stand out as an expert.
  • Stop you from wasting tons of time you don't even have.



Meet Brandy 

Hi, I’m Brandy Kinnear, a sarcastic, honest, no nonsense expert in digital marketing & practice growth. I’ve spent the last 14 years helping practitioners and companies in the natural health industry shift from overwhelmed to being excited about their business, and their financial future. The people I work with are experts in healing, passionate about amplifying their voice and making a bigger impact with the work they do, they just aren’t sure how to get there.

After spending 9 years in a large integrative practice and growing it to a 7 figure business, (before anyone even knew about Integrative/natural health) I had the great pleasure of learning about natural approaches to healing and was instrumental in bringing leading edge modalities to the practice. I was blessed to be able to spend time understanding the needs of the patients and got really clear on what was missing as far as connecting them to the solution…yours.

I also have the in-depth knowledge of the challenges heart centered practitioners face when it comes to communicating to patients and marketing yourself, but I promise you, more people need your wisdom, your expertise and your heart…they just need to know who you are!

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT by having a practice that lights you up, give you clarity on what matters and helps you reach well deserved financial freedom? Let’s chat!
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